Our Nursery

Welcome to First Steps Nursery in Yateley where we provide quality, affordable childcare for children aged 3 months to school age. We believe that all children have the right to develop and thrive whilst being cared for in a safe, secure and stimulating environment.

We have three elements to our nursery, the First Steps Day Nursery, The Little Learners and First Steps Pre school… as well as the before and after school childcare with our Home-from-Home capability.

Pssst, a “pedagogy” refers to the method and practices of a teacher. It’s how they approach their teaching style, and relates to the different theories they use, how they give feedback. When people refer to the pedagogy of teaching, it means how the teacher delivers the curriculum to the class.

Child’s Play

Oh! What a busy morning,
I’ve been playing with the dough.
And with a little help,
upon a card I learned to sew.
I helped my friend “nurse Sarah”,
to perform an operation.
Then fixed the track together,
for my train, and built the station.
I popped inside the wendy house,
to make a cup of tea.
And stood beside the cooker,
making lunch for twenty-three.
I completed three whole jigsaws,
and played a new board game.
And had a turn on all the bikes,
the slide and climbing frame.
I handed round the fruit,
at milk and snack time.
Then listened to a story,
and sang a nursery rhyme.
But now the day is over,
and the Parents are all waiting.
I hope my Mummy doesn’t say,
“I wish you’d done a PAINTING!”

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